Calling all Rising Juniors and Seniors in High School!


So many of you all are wondering, ” Why did she say calling all rising juniors and seniors?” Well, I call you all here today to simply give you a piece of advice… STUDY! I’m not trying to be your mother here but c’mon, watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars or Breaking Bad even though they both are addicting are not worth your GPA suffering. This is the time of year when most of the seniors know where they are going next year. However, slacking is not okay. Believe me once I knew where I was going I saw no point of even getting up. Regardless, maintaining a high GPA was important to me and colleges regardless of where you’re going look at your final end of year grades!  I thought, “If I had worked hard in the beginning of the school year to get good grades why let that all go to waste?” Slacking is not worth it.  My point is don’t slack even though its tempting. Juniors, this is your year to shine. The year out of all four that show your true colors meaning Bob’s party on the hill is not the priority on a Thursday night. Studying for your AP Biology test is. I know I sound like a mother but take it from one who has been through the entire process IT. IS. PAINFUL. Hey sometimes I even wanted to dropout well that wasn’t an option beings how my parents were sending me to an all private girls school that cost a pretty penny. Basically running away from the fear of tests, quizzes, and club meetings doesn’t get you anywhere. Instead, I decided to organize my classes, prioritize events I had to attend for school, and most of all prioritize all of my college application due dates. Overall my high school friends you have to work hard and play hard in order to reach your goals because nothing in life is handed to you. Remember to be smart and stay fabulous!

Xo Sarah


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