Are Lemons the Cure for the Common Cold?

Are Lemons the New Hollywood Heath Kick?

Well ladies and gentlemen, its that time of year again- flue season. Unfortunately for me and for anyone else in this predicament, I have not been feeling 100% lately. That’s why I decided to share my trick with you all and guess what it involves using lemons! Shocker! For over a year now I have been on a health kick of eating clean and that includes, cutting lemons up and using the lemon juice either in cold or hot water. I know this doesn’t sound particularly appetizing but the best is yet to come. Lemons are a natural energizer. They flush out your entire system of unwanted materials, they help balance the pH levels in your body, stimulate weight-loss, boost your immune system, and they help to eliminate acne. Wow! Though this natural fruit is not necessarily the cure for the common cold, it does however help to end it quicker. Remember everyone, drink lots of liquids and eat clean! Remember stay healthy and feel better everyone!

Xo Sarah


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