New Year. New You.


So I know I’m what three days late on the whole New Years post but hey who cares right? 2013 for me was amazing. I graduated from high school, got accepted to my top college, and most of all closed one chapter of my life. Now that 2013 has ended and 2014 has begun, I decided to share some of my 2014 resolutions and hopefully inspire you all. First and foremost is to pick up a new hobby or two. Seriously, I have always wanted to learn how to either paint not like a two-year old or play soccer. All I know how to play is field hockey and lacrosse from my middle school and high school days. Were not talking Olympics level sorry folks. Second, is to give back more. I absolutely love helping others. However, I have not had the time to really dedicate 110% to that. Finally, is to keep up with the news. Lets all be realistic we don’t have enough time in the week to really sit down and read either the Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker. US weekly doesn’t count. However, those tabloids are entertaining. Nonetheless, after reading this post I want you all to take something from this. Be confident, be positive, be healthy, be daring, and most of all be yourself. Without those critical components the point of making resolutions kind of goes down the drain. Stay fabulous.

Xo Sarah


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